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At Gift Box we believe...

That every woman worldwide deserves the right to clean, affordable and great quality sanitary care. Unlike other feminine hygiene brands, for every box of our 100% organic tampons you purchase, we promise to donate a box to a woman in need.

By simply choosing Gift Box you are helping a sister in need, and helping us in our mission to ensure that no woman has to go without sanitary care again.


The Project

Imagine if you were homeless. Cold, scared, lonely and sleeping rough. And then you get your period.
With nothing to use except an old dirty sock, a newspaper or a clump of dried leaves, you make the long, unsafe journey to the nearest public toilet, only to find it locked.
Left with no other choice, you forgo your next meal to buy a box of tampons. Because hungry is better than unclean. Because your dignity is important.
This is the reality for 46,000 women in Australia each month who are homeless.

And millions of women worldwide.


and be part of the movement

Choose between 3, 6, or 9 box subscriptions and have your tampons home delivered every three months - for free!

Sign up for our subscription membership and have your tampons delivered directly to your door. Free postage* and for a limited time get your first box free!

*Free postage within Australia for all orders $45 and over.

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